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Hidden Divergence Added to SierraChart Study

The Divergence study detects what is called regular divergence. We recently added support for Hidden divergence detection. To switch between regular and hidden, see the new input “Mode” in the study settings.

Creating speech files for your trading alerts

At&T has an excellent service for producing speech sound files. It is free for private use. This is really nice to use with alerts as you can create customized speech sound files in seconds and then integrate them with your own alerts. That way when an alert fires, you get an exact message of what […]

Ed Seykota’s Donchian Breakout Trading System

I’ve been researching and following Ed Seykota’s work for a while now (several years off and on actually). I first came across his name while reading Jack Schwager’s “Market Wizards”. From his interview you can tell that he is a unique thinker and a smart guy – but that is a common trait of all […]

Average Volume at Time of Day

We watch volume to get an indication of momentum and participation. But how do you know if the volume is substantial or not? Especially if you are trading intrad day. Say you are watching the market and it is 9:45 AM Eastern standard time. You see the market is moving up. You can see that […]

An Error Correcting EMA

This post is about a new MA I recently implemented which is currently available for Sierra Chart and Ninja Trader. Moving averages, in general have two attributes to them. One is smoothing. The other is a lag. In a sense, there is a sort of tug of war between these two traits – the more […]

Jim Berg’s Truth About Volatility Trading System

I came across Jim Berg and his ATR system a long time ago when a user asked me to create a version of it for Sierra Chart. The full system is described in “Stocks and Commodities” magazine February 2005 issue in an article called “The Truth About Volatility” by Jim Berg. Jim’s method caught attention […]