Trade29 Custom Studies Automatic Distribution

Software distribution can be a lot of work and quite a pain for users.   From where do I download? How do I install? In what directory? My OS is different than the one shown in the manual! What if I have a previous version? Do I need to back up? The Anti Virus is […]

How to locate your Sierra Chart user name

How to locate your Sierra Chart user name To control access, all Trade29 custom study dll’s utilizes the license mechanism provided by Sierra Chart. In order to enable usage of the studies, all you need to provide is your Sierra Chart User Name.   How do I find my user name? That’s easy. Open Sierra Chart […]

Sierra Chart | Alert / Email

Sierra Chart | How to Set an Alert / Email on Order Fill Setting an alert for when an order gets filled with Sierra Chart is easy. First, in the “General Trade Settings”, enable alerts for order fills. Navigate to Gloabl Settings -> General Trade Settings Set the alert sound to play when an order […]

Sierra Chart | Pairs Trader

Sierra Chart | Pairs Trader The strategy known as “Pairs Trading” was founded in 1980 by a group of Quants at Morgan Stanley. It has been used by proprietary trading desks and investment banks since – some of which have yielded good results. It had been kept a secret for many years by the professional […]

Sierra Chart | Study ACSIL

Sierra Chart | Referencing a Study with Sierra Chart ACSIL Sometimes you need to reference a study from within your own study. As an example, say you have a study that uses the Sierra Chart built in “Swing High and Low” study for some calculation.With references, the study user will do the following: Adding the […]

Sierra Chart | Finding ACSIL

Sierra Chart | Finding ACSIL Example Code Finding reference code and examples of ACSIL is not only a great way to learn but also a great way to speed up work. Apart from the Sierra Chart Support Board and other forums like BigMikes, I have found the ACS_Source folder that comes with Sierra Chart to […]

Sierra Chart | Limit Order

 Sierra Chart | Creating and Submitting a Limit Order in Sierra Chart I was asked by someone how to create and submit a LIMIT order in Sierra Chart ACSIL. Below is a short snippet with notes at the bottom. s_SCNewOrder order; // define order structure order.OrderQuantity = 1; // set order quantity to 1 order.OrderType […]

Sierra Chart | Custom Study

Sierra Chart | Handling “function or variable may be unsafe” unsafe when compiling Sierra Chart Custom Study You are compiling your study and getting these warnings. We want the output of compiling to be clean. No errors and no warnings. 1>—— Build started: Project: demo, Configuration: Debug Win32 —— 1>  SCStudies.cpp 1>d:demosierrachartacs_sourcesierrachart.h(385): warning C4996: ‘strcpy’: […]

Sierra Chart | Custom DLL

Sierra Chart | The Anatomy of a Sierra Chart Custom Study DLL Custom studies have a skeleton or structure to them. This structure is the basis of how a custom study fits in with the application itself. The structure can be broken down into four major components. The “physical” DLL file The Sierra Chart DLL […]

Sierra Chart | Persistent Variables

Sierra Chart | Persistent Variables with Sierra Chart It is common when programming indicators to have to retain a value between subsequent calls to your study function. These are cases where you need to store some value that has just been calculated for some future use. Some examples of this include: Retain the index on […]