Ahrens MA for Sierra Chart Now Available

Ahrens MA (AMA) is described in Stocks and Commodities magazine October 2013 issue. We just added this moving average to the “Trade29 Custom Studies” dll.

From the articles summary: “I was pleased to have come up with an average that was smoother than the SMA and EMA, that had a reduced phase lag and that was less sensitive to transient price spikes.”

Ahrens MA in light pink, SMA in magenta, both with same length 10

In the above image, the light pink colored line is the AMA, the magenta is an SMA – both have the same length of 10. Notice how the magenta changes direction from up to down several times during the move while the AMA remains sloping up through out the move and does not react as much.

For more info, see the article in S&C.

How to access

If you already have “Trade29 Custom Studies”, simply restart SierraChart and the new dll with the study will be automatically downloaded.

If you don’t and would like to try it out, feel free to register and download here.