C1 Analyzer Pro V23 Release Notes

Just uploaded V23 to Sierra Chart servers

User will receive this new version next time they restart Sierra Chart

What’s new:

  • Breakout patterns – extend lines (added inputs + visuals extending lines for breakout patterns)
  • Chart pattern and key level alerts – added alerts on close above and below lines. These include sound alerts + visual subgraphs
  • Chart pattern, pin pattern – patterns in the chart control widget are displayed as they are received from Autochartist. When patterns become irrelevant, they are removed from this list. For users following a pattern, this can be a problem as the pattern all of a sudden disappears on them. Now users can Pin a pattern. When a pattern is pinned, it will remain on the chart. If a pinned pattern becomes irrelevant, a ‘-‘ sign will appear next to the pattern. That indicates that if users unpin the pattern, it will disappear from the list on the next refresh. In summary, it is good practice to pin a pattern that you are looking to follow and get alerted on.

See below image with some notes