Sierra Chart | Alert / Email

Sierra Chart | How to Set an Alert / Email on Order Fill

Setting an alert for when an order gets filled with Sierra Chart is easy.

First, in the “General Trade Settings”, enable alerts for order fills.

  1. Navigate to Gloabl Settings -> General Trade Settings
  2. Set the alert sound to play when an order gets filled (see images below).

For the sake of this example, say you selected “Alert 1” to trigger in case of an order fill.

That will produce an alert of type “Alert 1” for us when the order gets filled.

In order to get that alert sent to our email, we need to enable and set this as well.

  1. Navigate to Global Settings->General Settings.
  2. On the bottom left hand side select the “Alert 1” from the drop down list.
  3. Check “Send E-Mail When This Alert is Triggered”
  4. Enter your email address

You can test this out by entering an order/trade manually in sim mode or by replaying a chart. When the order triggers, you should see get an alert on the screen + an email.



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