C1 Analyzer Pro V23 Release Notes

Just uploaded V23 to Sierra Chart servers User will receive this new version next time they restart Sierra Chart What’s new: Breakout patterns – extend lines (added inputs + visuals extending lines for breakout patterns)Chart pattern and key level alerts – added alerts on close above and below lines. These include sound alerts + visual […]

Ahrens MA for Sierra Chart Now Available

Ahrens MA (AMA) is described in Stocks and Commodities magazine October 2013 issue. We just added this moving average to the “Trade29 Custom Studies” dll. From the articles summary: “I was pleased to have come up with an average that was smoother than the SMA and EMA, that had a reduced phase lag and that […]

C1 Analyzer Pro Release Note

Trade29 releases Autochartist integration into Sierra Charts Trade29 is delighted to announce the availability of “C1 Analyzer Pro” for “Sierra Chart”. Powered by Autochartist, the product consists of a set of studies that can be used on 25+ futures markets. This has been a joint collaboration between Autochartist, Infinity Futures and Trade29 Software. Our initial […]

Hidden Divergence Added to SierraChart Study

The Divergence study detects what is called regular divergence. We recently added support for Hidden divergence detection. To switch between regular and hidden, see the new input “Mode” in the study settings.

Automated management of unfilled limit orders in AutoTrader

We recently added a new feature to the Auto Trader Sierra Chart custom study. The intent of the feature is to assist in managing limit orders that have not been filled. You can define rules for handling Limit orders that have not been filled. It is possible to define up to 3 rules. The rules […]

Using NTDirect.dll and ExternalDataFeed NinjaTrader 7

NinjaTrader has an Exernal Data Feed connection type. To connect to it, one would use the NTDirect.dll. Below is an example c# console application that writes a simulated data feed to a symbol “TEST”. First, a few words on the DLL It is a standard, unmanaged dll, not a dotnet assembly or anything like that. […]

New Sierra Chart Study – News Events

Happy to announce that I just finished implementing a simple study for Sierra Chart that displays scheduled economic news events. The study is part of the Trade29 custom studies dll and is available for all subscribers. Event data source used is the Forex Factory. See here for the web page http://www.forexfactory.com/calendar.php Main features include: Show […]

Choppiness Index

Recently someone showed interest with regards to the “Choppiness Index”. The index is used by http://www.tradingconceptsinc.com/fractal-energy-trading/ and they have a video that explains how they use it in their trading. There is also a wealth of written material if you search it on the web. I am quite interested with tools that provide a measure […]

Creating speech files for your trading alerts

At&T has an excellent service for producing speech sound files. It is free for private use. This is really nice to use with alerts as you can create customized speech sound files in seconds and then integrate them with your own alerts. That way when an alert fires, you get an exact message of what […]

Ed Seykota’s Donchian Breakout Trading System

I’ve been researching and following Ed Seykota’s work for a while now (several years off and on actually). I first came across his name while reading Jack Schwager’s “Market Wizards”. From his interview you can tell that he is a unique thinker and a smart guy – but that is a common trait of all […]